Find and install an application from these trusted vendors. It used to be the case that the Google Apps Marketplace allowed for the promotion of services around Google Apps. So now we offer the opportunity to promote design and development services here for Google Apps for Work end-users, staff and admins.

gOptix by Onix™

Replace standard Google Apps reporting with gOptix and accelerate adoption. You'll get a customized interface to analyze Google Drive and account usage in addition to Google+ and Google Site statistics. You'll gain insights quickly into change management efforts to boost your Google Apps ROI.


Custom App Development and Google focussed systems integration experts. We also have powerful collection of domain management apps that help you to get the most out of Google’s cloud.


A Google Apps local backup solution. CubeBackup can automatically and incrementally backup your Google Apps data, including Google Docs, Gmail, Contacts and Calendar to a local storage.


Turn up the power of Drive. Use OverDRIVE to automatically create a powerful workspace or portal with controlled access. Build rich content and data from Drive and other cloud applications.

Kirksville Web Design

Custom Google Sites design and development for company intranet and public-facing websites. Deploy Google Apps with an awesome Google Sites website. 

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