Google Apps Resellers

Benefits to Google Apps Resellers

Clients can find a Reseller quickly

The intuitive Google Maps tool allows potential clients to find your place of business, contact info, and area of service quickly and easily.

Search Engine Optimization aims to be the best resource for finding a Google Apps Reseller and we optimizing our website to rank well for search terms like "Google Apps Reseller," hence the use of for our domain name.

Try a Basic listing to Get Noticed

Just apply for a listing here. We hope to include as many Google Apps Resellers as possible so that the general public can find exactly who they want to help them Go Google.

Premium listing with SEO Boost

The premium listing option is available for $25 a month payable via credit card or Paypal. When you sign up you will be given your own company page at This page is fully customizable!

Eazzy Solutions Ltd

Based on Google support best practices, we implement G Suite and ensure successful change management and post implementation support.

Our team comprises members that are innovative and customer centric.

We track our timely G Suite licensing, migration and support to ensure we offer solutions and recommendations based on your business objectives, including and not limited to 3rd Party applications on the G Suite Marketplace.


How may I be featured on the home page?

In order to be listed on the home page, you must sign up for a premium listing. The information on our home page is constantly updated, so newest registered Google Apps Resellers will be featured on the home page.

How do you verify applicants are Google Apps Resellers?

To determine if a company or applicant is legitimate, we may visit their website and search for your place of business on Google Maps. If a company is not registered with Google Places, we may require they do so before listing on our website.

How can I customize my Company Page?

Since this website is built and hosted by Google Sites, it is very easy to add your company information to your company page that you receive with a premium listing.

How is different from the Google Apps Marketplace? is different from the Google Apps Marketplace because it provides customers an easy to use Google Maps tool for finding local Resellers. Not only that, but customers can learn more about Google Apps Resellers certifications, company, and offerings through our premium listings and fully customizable company pages ( We hope this will be the go to resource to find the right Google Apps Reseller for the client's deployment.

Our company has multiple offices in different countries, does the premium subscription apply to all?

No, the premium listing subscription only applies to one location or office.

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Custom Apps & Services

Black Pearl Mail

A suite of email products to help IT providers be more successful in the Cloud.

Black Pearl Mail provides a suite of products that can be easily deployed when you’re migrating your customers to the cloud, renewing their annual subscriptions, or anytime you’re reaching out to them.

Compatible with all major email platforms including G Suite, O365, Exchange, POP/IMAP.

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gOptix by Onix™

Replace standard Google Apps reporting with gOptix and accelerate adoption. You'll get a customized interface to analyze Google Drive and account usage in addition to Google+ and Google Site statistics. You'll gain insights quickly into change management efforts to boost your Google Apps ROI.

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Turn up the power of Drive. Use OverDRIVE to automatically create a powerful workspace or portal with controlled access. Build rich content and data from Drive and other cloud applications.

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A Google Apps local backup solution. CubeBackup can automatically and incrementally backup your Google Apps data, including Google Docs, Gmail, Contacts and Calendar to a local storage.

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Shared Contacts for Gmail®

Share your Google contacts with everyone in your organization - works with any version of Google Apps!

Try the app now and share your contacts in 1 click!

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Kirksville Web Design

Custom Google Sites design and development. Intranet and public-facing websites for companies, schools, and other organizations.


Custom App Development and Google focussed systems integration experts. We also have powerful collection of domain management apps that help you to get the most out of Google’s cloud.

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