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Google Apps Deployment

Are you ready to make the move to Google Apps? Simplify your migration to Google Apps for business with Stanfield IT as your experienced and trusted cloud migration partner. Our team has been working with Google Apps since 2008 and have migrated startups, small, medium and enterprise environments across many industries to Google Apps. Partner with our team and enjoy a seamless and professional deployment of Google Apps into your environment. Stanfield IT has migrated companies from complex environments such as Microsoft Exchange to small business environments where there are only a small number of users on legacy systems.

Google Apps Support

One of the greatest benefits of moving to the cloud is that there is no hardware or software to maintain or fix. Once you have unlocked the benefits of Google Apps the ongoing support requirements are typically around account administration. User accounts will need to be added, removed and changed. Stanfield IT can provide the ongoing support and management you need to ensure consistency and process is followed to protect and maintain your information.

Google Apps Training

Google are busy adding 300 new features a year to Google Apps for Business. These features are all designed to make your life easier and get your job done faster. Because Google Apps has so much to offer and take advantage of, Stanfield IT can support your transition by delivering a unique training experience for groups and individuals.


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